Inspired by Blue

spring dresses blue
This season we were inspired by blues. We wanted something cool, tranquil and, of course, beautiful. We landed on the calming shade of Sapphire to accompany our bestselling Convertible Maxi Dress and new favorite, the Empire Hi Lo Dress. What’s more, is that blue is a color almost anyone can wear, during pregnancy and after.
Take a peek at our blue inspiration board on Pinterest for more looks at Spring’s coolest color. 

Get the Looks // The Empire Tank Dress

get the looks
Whether you’re running errands or brunching with the girls, the Empire Tank Dress is your go-to for spring activities.
01 Marc by Marc Jacobs Wayfarer Sunglasses  02 Cuyana Leather Tote  03 Zara Wraparound Cardigan  04 Superga Classic Sneakers
Out to Play
01 House of Harlow 1960 Necklace  02 Marie Turnor Clutch  03 Butter London Nail Laquer in ‘Snog’  04 Loeffler Randall Sawyer Sandals

Catwalk to Cradle

We’re so excited to be a part of Bebe Au Lait’s Catwalk to Cradle Giveaway. The weeklong giveaway will feature the Ingrid & Isabel Empire Tank Dress along with prizes from a few of our favorite post-pregnancy brands to help you welcome baby with style. 
Starting March 28th you can enter to win:
1. Ingrid & Isabel Empire Tank Dress
2. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Essentials and Swaddles
3. Tea Collection Layette Gift Set 
4. Pediped Gift Card – $70
5. Carousel Designs Gift Card – $50
Click here for your chance to enter-to-win! 



The Balanced Belly // Part 2

In January we brought you a series of yoga poses that you could practice at home to help you prepare for baby while getting a few moments of zen. Here are a few more poses, with instruction from yoga teacher Carolina Goldberg to help you continue your practice. 
Bharadvajasana – Sage Pose
sage pose
Sage pose is a seated twist. One of a few twists that are beneficial and safe for pregnancy. As you sit on a bolster or blanket, the hips are grounded and the twist will help relieve a tired upper back (the upper thorasic spine). Twists help free-up any stagnant prana—energy therefore serves to stimulate both through the spine and the inner organs. Remember to stretch up for length in the spine before any rotation or twisting.
Suhkasana with hands on Baby Belly
hands on belly 
In all poses in yoga we talk about Sthira Suhka, which translates to steadiness and comfort. The postures we practice should be held with a steady and calm mind, Sthira. The postures are called “seat”, meaning you should be able to sit in the postures—be in the postures. Suhkasana, a comfortable cross-legged position, is a basic pose that you can sit in for a while. Juliana is seated on a bolster so that she can relax her inner thighs and pelvis. If the knees are higher than the hips there will be holding and strain, not Sukha.
With her hands on belly she breaths into her belly. Full, deep and easy breaths increase the flow of oxygen to the uterus, supporting both mom and baby.
Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle Pose
bound angle
Bound Angle Pose is a seated hip opener that feels good for the hips and back. This pose is great to take a break in. Relax, release and accept. The biggest benefit from prenatal yoga is to be able to relax. When you are relaxed and at ease you are better able to cope with stressors that arise.
Stay tuned for the final installment of The Balanced Belly. 

Take Me There // Hilton Head Island

hilton head
Where: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
What: A South Carolina gem, rich with history and bursting with outdoor activities and spas.
Who: The mom-to-be who embraces the slow life, or the one who needs to.
Stay here: The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, situated on the waterfront and beneath a beautiful forrest of moss-covered oak trees, is dripping with Southern charms and hospitality at every turn.
Do this: There’s no shortage of activities on Hilton Head Island. Take a guided tour of a historical site or nature preserve or walk along the beach for a chance to spot bottlenose dolphins. Of course, there’s no shame in making it a completely indulgent babymoon; enjoy the ‘Pea in the Pod’ massage at Heavenly Spa and grab dinner at Topside Waterfront Restaurant.
palmetto blufflighthouse

A Look We Love

cara loren
One of our favorite bloggers, Cara Loren, is a second time mom-to-be and we can’t wait to see her daily outfits. She always strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort – just what every expectant mom is looking for, right?  Here she’s paired our Belly Leggings with a graphic sweater and fringe bag for a pulled together casual look. We love it!  

She’s First: Empowering Women

shes first
As proud supporters of the International Rescue Committee, we’re pleased to shed light upon their women’s empowerment initiatives. 
She’s First recognizes that in times of crisis women are the first to be harmed and also the first to unite their families. 
The Vision Not Victim program recently launched in the Congo and encouraged young women to envision their potential. Each girl directed a photo shoot featuring herself after having achieved her goal. Through community support these young women were able to see themselves as future photographers, architects, and doctors. 
The IRC is committed to providing tools and resources to help women and girls protect themselves from violence and empower themselves. 
To learn more about Ingrid & Isabel’s partnership with the IRC (Support the Belly), please click here
Support the Belly

Heart Healthy Moms

Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) kicked off their 2014 campaign with the Heart Healthy Moms event where they offered body image seminars and yoga classes. Two moms-to-be wore Ingrid & Isabel Active Pants while they took in yoga at the Santa Monica event.
Here’s what they had to say about their Active Pant experiences:
active moms
 Rachael, 4 1/2 months with her second
The Ingrid and Isabel Active Pants are great!  At 4 1/2 months, I’m just growing out of my normal workout gear, and these pants are much more comfortable than squeezing into non maternity pants. I love the thickness of the material – it hides lumps and bumps and makes the pants quite flattering. I also love the design of the back – the v-type shape is more forgiving when exercising than regular straight across panels. The pants are great for working out and are comfortable and modest enough that I can wear them to run errands and play with my 4-year old daughter, too!
Shannon, 7 months with her first
Being pregnant it is difficult trying to find clothes that fit comfortably, let alone trying to find a pair of active pants that fit comfortably. Well, Ingrid and Isabel have turned me into a believer that there is an active pant that can keep you “held together” as well as fit comfortably. I love the crossover panel waist line that allows the pant to grow with you and that is not constricting. I also love the thickness of the material making me feel super secure and held together. I would definitely recommend Ingrid and Isabel to anyone who is in the market for an active pregnancy pant!
Thanks for participating and keep up the good work mamas! 

Behind the Scenes // Babies and Birthdays

behind the scenesWe’re back on the set! Here’s a look behind the scenes of our most recent photo shoot where we met model Julianna’s sweet new baby Jax, and got to celebrate Ingrid’s birthday with some very tasty and semi-healthy cake (hey, there were berries!). Also making a guest appearance was our photographer’s pup, Hemingway. 
We can’t wait to share the final shots! 
ingrid cakehemingway

Throwback Thursday // Oh Joy!

We were so thrilled to hear that Oh Joy!’s party collection will be available in Target stores in March! We spend a lot of time pining after her amazing party planning photography and can’t wait to buy, literally, everything we can get our hands on. 
Here’s a trip down memory lane to Joy’s time with the Bellaband back in 2011. Cute as ever.

Take me there // Big Sur

big sur
Where: Big Sur, CA
What: 90 miles of rugged California coastline with breathtaking ocean views and spectacular redwood forests.
Who: Whether you’re a trail-loving camper or ready to be pampered, there’s something for every mom-to-be in Big Sur.
Stay here: If you love to be one with nature, pack your tent and choose a campsite nestled among the giant redwoods. Those looking for more luxe surroundings should look no further than Post Ranch Inn. Relax at the spa, take in a yoga class, and gaze at the stars with their onsite telescope.
Do this: Take leisurely yet awe-inspiring hikes along the coast or meander through the redwoods. Enjoy lunch with a view and fellow travelers at Nepenthe.
More: Check out expectant blogger Jen Pinkston’s beautiful babymoon to Big Sur for more ideas! 
forrestbig sur 2

Still A Chill / Cozy Wrap And More

The polar vortex is over, but there’s still a chill in the air. Never fear – we’ve got you covered as we inch towards happier climes. 
A quintessential buy now, wear forever piece, the Cozy Wrap works with any bump size and continues to deliver warmth and style long after you deliver. Wear it around the house, to the park, or on a plane (like Gwen). Wrap yourself up or simply drape over your shoulders. Anyway or anywhere you choose, the Cozy Wrap is a must-have.
Shop the cozy wrap >> cozy wrap
cold weather
[01] Ingrid & Isabel Opaque Tights are the perfect way to keep your short dresses in the rotation during colder months.
[02] Sure, you’ve got long sleeve tees in your wardrobe. But, your belly is quickly growing. We’ve cut our Long Sleeve Scoop Tee extra long to accommodate your changing body. Even better, it might be the softest tee you’ve ever owned.
[03] Your pre-pregnancy leggings will start to dig as your belly grows. Check off comfort and warmth by going with Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Belly Leggings.

The Balanced Belly

It’s not always easy to make it to an hour-long yoga class. So, we’ll be bringing class to you! We’ve collaborated with Los Angeles-based yoga instructor Carolina Goldberg on a series of her favorite prenatal poses that you can practice at home to get a few moments of zen while you prepare for baby. Keep checking back for more from Carolina!
A prenatal class will support the pregnant mom in the myriad of mental and emotional changes as well and physical changes. Prenatal Yoga is a holistic preparation for pregnancy that benefits the mother as you strengthen and open the physical body. Further, prenatal yoginis work with meditation, visualization, pranayama that help the mom focus on body, energy, emotions, thoughts and spirit.  Asana and breath are the fundamentals to a prenatal class. The asana described below will benefit the mother to be in many ways during and after baby arrives. 
1. Virabhadrasana 2
prenatal 1
Warrior 2 pose can help strengthen the legs, ease backaches, build stamina and install a sense of confidence for birth and beyond. Relaxin is the pregnancy hormone, which soften and relaxes the connective tissue, cartilage and ligaments that support joints, and the strong ligaments in the uterus. Relaxin makes every joint in the body less stable. Warrior 2 will help strengthen the muscles that support the joints at the hips.
On an energetic level the warrior pose will cultivate the quiet strength you will need to protect “your new-self” and baby from opinions and advice. Build confidence and trust in the journey of being a mother.
2. Virasana with Garudasana Arm Variation:
hero pose
Virasana, Hero Pose, is a great one for pregnancy as it helps with swelling in legs and prevents varicose veins. Reclined Hero Pose over bolsters help with nausea and morning sickness.
Graudasana arms, Eagle arms, helps open up sand strengthen arms and shoulders to prepare the mother for hours of carrying and holding the new baby. It also relieves tension in the trapezious, upper shoulder and neck muscles, that gets stressed from the extra weight of belly and breasts.
3. Temple Pose with Goddess Arms
Preserving the natural curves in the spine the Temple Pose, also known as Horse Stands, strengthens the legs and back muscles to help counter the added weight on front body. Squats increase flexibility in the inner thighs and pelvis prior to labor. Goddess Arm variation will stretch and strengthen the upper-back, shoulders and arms to help prepare mom.

Sad But True // Foods to Avoid

Sadly, there are many holiday food favorites that expectant moms should steer-clear of. Avoid these foods, but don’t fret-we’ve included some tasty alternatives.
You’re best cheese bets: Swiss, cheddar, monterey jack, mozzarella, and American cheese are all safe to eat. 
If you can be sure that the nog is alcohol-free and made with pasteurized eggs, then you’re good to go! Another option: soy nog which is made without dairy products.
Make sure any seafood or meat has been fully cooked. If you can’t be sure, it’s best to skip it altogether. 
For delicious alochol-free drink recipes, check out our Mocktails pin board

Due in December

 If you are expecting a little one during this time of year, you may be thinking about how you’re going to juggle it all when your child’s birthday is thrown into the mix. So, we asked the mom of our Marketing Coordinator (and resident December baby) to share a few easy ways to make a December birthday special for your little one.  
Having a baby any time of the year is a gift but having a baby at Christmas time makes that gift a little more special.  My daughter was due December 13 but ended up being born on December 20.  Along with the typical advice that pregnant women and new moms receive, I was getting warnings about having a baby at this time of year.  Most of these stories came from people who were December babies themselves. I know these people felt their birthdays were just glossed over or completely forgotten during the hectic holiday season so I was determined that my daughter would not grow up feeling the same way.  Here are some ideas we used that I would like to pass on to make sure your December baby feels special as they grow up.
1.         The birthday comes first.  Even if the halls are already decked, be sure the emphasis is on the birthday.  We always let our daughter choose her favorite restaurant or home-cooked meal for her special day.  I’d always make sure to wrap her birthday gifts in birthday rather than holiday themed paper. And even though the house was overrun with holiday treats, we also made sure she had an actual birthday cake in whatever flavor and theme she wanted.   
2.         Consider waiting until after their birthday to decorate for Christmas.  This is much easier for those born earlier in December.
            This is what we did:  Since my daughter’s birthday is just five days before, the house would already be decorated.  However, when she was young, the “birthday fairy” would sneak into her bedroom the night before and decorate with birthday streamers and balloons.  We would also festoon her place at the dining room table.  She would get so excited when she’d get up on her birthday to see that there were areas of the house that were decorated specially for her. 
3.         The dreaded 2-in-1 gifts!  This is probably the most common frustration December babies have – the combo birthday/Christmas gift.  I’m sure I don’t need to point out that people born throughout the year get a present on their birthday and a present at Christmas.  December babies should not be penalized because their birth lottery number came up for this time of year.  However, it is hard to point this fact out to people without making you, as a parent, sound greedy. 
            I really don’t have any advice on how to get around this.  As a parent, I always make sure we give our daughter separate gifts for birthday and Christmas.  However, I do know that finances play a huge part, especially this time of year. If the parents are giving a large-ticket item, maybe an accessory or two can be suggested to family members. For example, my daughter loved American Girl dolls.  We got her a doll one year and family members gave her accessories for the doll.
            Your child may still only get a combo gift from people.  It’s hard for younger children to understand, but this can be a teachable moment.  Try to explain that receiving even one gift is a treat and try to assure them that not receiving a second gift isn’t a reflection of something they have done. 
4.         Celebrate early – For older kids born closer to Christmas who may want a party, consider having the party earlier in the month.  I found from experience that it is hard to get other kids to come to a party when they have familial obligations closer to the holidays.
You can be as extravagant or low-key as you want or as is necessary.  I think what’s most important is that your child feels as if they are as celebrated on their December birthday as anyone else during the year.  Above all else – this day is about them.  Ask them what they want to do. And remember to take some time for yourself to reflect upon what a wonderful bonus gift you received having your baby this time of year.  Happy Holidays!   
If you have a December baby, how do you celebrate?

Homeless Prenatal Program

homeless prenatal
Ingrid & Isabel is a very proud supporter of the Homeless Prenatal Program - a San Francisco Family Resource Center focused on ending childhood poverty by helping to stabilize poor and homeless families. Last week, the our team had the pleasure of attending the HPP’s luncheon which celebrated the amazing individual and collective achievements of it’s supporters. 
The Homeless Prenatal Program understands that to support a mother is to support her family and that parenthood is often the impetus for many women to change their lives. HPP provides an array of services for women in need – from prenatal and parenting support to housing and job training. They are also the first agency in San Francisco to hire their former clients as case and program managers. 
We couldn’t be happier to support an organization that has continued to make an indelible difference in our community. 
homeless prenatal 2

The Balanced Belly // Sneak Peek

balanced belly
To mark the release of our new Active Pant collection, featuring the Crossover Panel(TM), we invited expectant moms to our prenatal yoga event – The Balanced Belly. 
Twenty-four glowing moms-to-be came together for a prenatal yoga class, taught by the gorgeous Carolina, at Yogaworks in Santa Monica, CA. A few ladies put our new pants and Crossover Panel(TM) to the test as they down-dogged with the best of them! 
Bringing the Active Pant to you has been a labor of love for us. It was truly amazing to see such a vibrant and healthy group of women working to maintain an active pregnancy.  
Special thanks to FitPregnancy, The Bump Club, Baby Jogger, The Pump Station, and Lifefactory who all helped us with this special day!
Stay tuned for more on this incredible event…



Relief for the Philippines

Here at Ingrid & Isabel, we are proud supporters of the International Rescue Committee for their ongoing efforts in helping women and mothers in the midst of humanitarian crises. The IRC understands that helping a mother directly helps to stabilize her family in times of emergency. 
We continue to stand with the IRC as they focus their efforts on the ground in the Philippines in the wake of devastating Typhoon Haiyan. 

irc typhoon


We’re Falling For…

A collection of our favorite fall pieces and their perfect pairings:
fall dressing
Shop the looks:
Seamless First Layer with Anthropologie Waffle-Weave Cardigan   //  3/4 Sleeve Wrap Dress with Sole Society ‘Des’ Bootie + Marc by Marc Jacobs Mareika Tulip Scarf  // Lounge Set with Pottery Barn Herringbone Organic Blanket + When Harry Met Sally (our fave!)  // Long Sleeve Cowl Neck Tee with Calypso Embelished Courtney Bag + Rag & Bone Kinsey Ankle Boots

Fall Bites

 Leaves are changing and there is a welcome chill in the air. Fall is upon us, and we’re ready to start nibbling on all that the season has to offer!
Pumpkins, and squash in general, are rich in folate, iron, zinc and magnesium – all essential nutrients for mom and baby. Add to that, tons of vitamin A and antioxidants and you’ve got yourself a pregnancy superfood! 
Here are some of our favorite sweet and savory pumpkin and squash recipes to whet your fall appetite.  
The best breakfast:wafflesThese tasty waffles come courtesy of Always With Butter.
Soup lovers unite:soupWe found this surprisingly simple soup recipe at the fabulous Tartlette food blog. 
For the sweet tooth:puddingLove pumpkin pie filling the most? So do we! Check out this mouthwatering recipe from The Flouring Foodie

Behind the Scenes: Spring 2014

behind the scenes
In fashion, fall means getting ready for spring. We were lucky enough to have yoga instructor Carolina Goldberg on set to teach our model, Julianna, a few prenatal yoga poses. Carolina (mom of 3) and Julianna (first time mom-to-be) both wore the new Ingrid & Isabel Active Pant collection.
Here’s a behind the scenes look at our Spring 2014 photo shoot! 
behind the scenes
behind the scenes
We owe many thanks to our incredible team:
Photography: Luke Wooden (and his amazing cast of characters)
Hair & makeup: Caroline Ramos
Model: Julianna Schmidt (Expecting Models)
Yoga Instructor: Carolina Goldberg
Keep checking back for more on new spring styles!

Fall In Love With Layers

We loved Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s effortless layered style throughout her pregnancy. Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to start reworking layers into your everyday wardrobe!
The perfect first layer is something soft and smoothing to eliminate bulkiness beneath the top layer. Throw on a long cardigan or wrap and you’re ready to go! Take a look at some of our favorite pieces for a chic and easy fall look. 
1. Everyday Tank 2. Everyday Cami 3. Belly Leggings 4. Cozy Wrap 5. Fringe Cardigan

Here Comes the Bump Club and Beyond

We’re big fans of Bump Club and Beyond around here. Of course we were thrilled to chat with founder Lindsay Pinchuk a few weeks back about plans for their new launch in San Francisco! Take a look at what you will find at Bump Club events. 
bump club
bump club
Bump Club and Beyond gives moms and moms-to-be a chance to connect with one another at fun events where they receive the very best products and education! 
Their upcoming first San Francisco ‘Expectant Mom Dinner’ will be held on August 27th at Perry’s on Union Street. Guests will enjoy dinner and expert advice on breastfeeding in your first weeks with a newborn. Plus, amazing goodie bags will be on-hand!
Click here for RSVP information and don’t forget to check out Bump Club on Facebook

End of Summer Sale Round Up

end of summer sale
You won’t have to wait until next summer to start wearing your finds from our End of Summer Sale! We’re taking an extra 40% off fall favorites so you can start wearing now.
Shop these and more styles now through August 26:
1. Silk Tie Shirt Dress - $41.99 
2. Everywear Scarf $5.99 
3. Cowl Tunic Sweater - $23.99
4. Silk Tie Bouse - $35.99 
5. Wool Cape - $53.99 

Now Playing: Summer Staples

sounds of summer
If you’re like us and couldn’t make it to a summer music festival this year, take a listen to our favorite songs that are getting us through the dog days. 
1. Rhye – One of Those Summer Days
2. Disclosure ft. Sam Smith – Latch
3. Lorde – Royals
4. Robin Thicke – Magic
5. Sunny Levine Ft. Young Dad – No Other Plans
6. Passion Pit – Carried Away 
7. Graffiti6 – Free
8. Generationals – When They Fight, They Fight
9. Gotye – Smoke And Mirrors
10. So Good At Being In Trouble – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Model to Mom

We’re often asked if our models are actually pregnant. The answer is always ‘yes’. This gives us the pleasure of meeting many different women who are going through this special time. We met Eileen a couple of months ago and were thrilled when she sent us an update on her new baby boy, Indigo Wilde South, along with these adorable photos! She answered a few questions we had about her birthing method (she opted for home birth) and life with a newborn. 
1) What were your expectations going into a home birth and how did the reality compare? I didn’t really know what to expect since this was my first baby…  but I had expected it to be a nurturing and loving experience, and it definitely lived up to those expectations. All of my prenatal care with my midwife (Elizabeth Bachner- Gracefull Birthing) was such a different level of caring than I had previously experienced with my OB.  The home birth was no exception.  The reality was that I had a tough labor- 3 days of prodromal labor and Indigo was in an OP position making it difficult for active labor to progress.  But with the help of my midwives I was able to experience a natural birth, which I was really determined to have.
2) What was the inspiration behind your baby’s name? He has a lot of names, so there was a lot of inspiration!  But we first started with names we liked or that had some personal meaning for both myself and my husband, Mark.  We had a very hard time agreeing on which order the names should be. In the end Mark let me choose.  Smart man.
3) What are you enjoying the most as a new mom? Falling in love with the baby you carried for 9 months.  It is so magical.  I totally get it now.  And falling even more in love with my husband.  It is truly amazing how much your heart grows.
indigo mark
4) What are you finding the most difficult? SLEEP!  But that part doesn’t come as a surprise. It is manageable.
 5) What is the one baby ‘item’ you can’t live without?  I’ve kept tricky baby items to a minimum, but the Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer is the greatest.  Whoever decided to put a little nightlight on it was a genius.  It is just enough light to change a diaper in the middle of the night without turning on any other lights.  

Current Cravings

Pregnancy cravings are no joke. So, we took to Facebook to find out what was making your stomachs grumble! 
Check out the top responses below:
ice cream
The thing most craved by all moms-to- wasn’t a food item at all. It was, in fact, a nap!
Let us know what else your mouth is watering for and here’s to hoping all of your cravings are satisfied! 

Summer Maternity Style

all american
Go for the All-American look this summer! We’ve got you covered from the beach to a backyard barbecue!
At the beach: Make a bold statement with the Cherry Swim collection. 
At a BBQ: You can’t go wrong with the chic Convertible Maxi in classic stripes or the Tank Maxi in tried and true solid blue
How will you choose to sport your red, white & blue?

Shower Inspiration

If you’re throwing a baby shower or want to drop some hints to your BFF, here are some inspiring ideas that we found for the special day. 
gender neutral
We say “Go green!” if the baby’s gender is a surprise or if you want to stray away from classic blue and pink. Shades of mint and sage are perfect for a fresh-looking and neutral shower! 
for the CITY MOM-TO-BE:
urban mom
If you’re planning for an urban mom-to-be, consider neutral tones with subtle pops of lavender and blue. 
for the GLAM MOM-TO-BE:
glam mom
Planning for a diva mom? Try gold metallics paired with pretty white flowers. It’s a great way to represent the personality of mom-to-be!
‘POP’corn. We love it! 
 baby wishes
Have guests leave well wishes for baby and parents! 
{photos: The Pretty Blog, Vanessa Grant EvansStyle Me Pretty, The Sweetest OccasionRestyle Source}

Get the Look: Poolside Chic

summer splash
It’s time to whip out the sunscreen and flip flops! Here are our picks to make your summer all the more stylish.
1. SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer – Juice Beauty 2. Ombre Beach Towel – Target 3. Ombre Floppy Hat - Gap 4. Printed Tote – Marni 5. Banded Halo Sandals – Anthropologie 6. Glow Sugar Scrub – Beauty Counter

Be Cool

here comes summer 
With summer fast approaching we got an itch to search for the most delicious ways to stay cool in the scorching temps. We found some of our Pinterest faves to whet your summer appetite!
Popsicles aren’t just for kids! These strawberry and blueberry popsicles are a great way to cool off and take in some fruit and yogurt. We love this guilt-free summer treat.
Ice Cream + Sorbet
Are you an ice cream or sorbet kind of girl? If you prefer ice cream, check out this great recipe for strawberry ice cream from Oysters & Pearls. You love the tangy sweetness of sorbet to fight the heat? Great! We found this recipe from Movita Beaucoup.  
ice cream sorbet
Our current office obsession is lavender lemonade. We have few hot summer days here in San Francisco, but when we do we are running out the doors to grab this sweet and refreshing drink! When we don’t have the luxury of Rose’s Cafe, we head over to Joy the Baker for her at home recipe.
lavender lemonade
Happy cooling!

Backyard Movie Theater

Summer is just around the corner which means time to enjoy the warm outdoor evenings while they last. We found this great idea for an outdoor movie theater that is sure to make summer nights even more fun. Enlist your partner to help put together a backyard theater with comfy cushions and a projector. Check out Apartment Therapy’s guide to making a backyard movie theater (it’s easier than it looks). So, make some snacks, queue up your favorite movies, snuggle up to your honey and enjoy!

Big City Moms San Francisco

Big City Moms
Each year Big City Moms brings together the best maternity and motherhood necessities in one place for the Biggest Baby Shower! Imagine our excitement when it was announced that this year they would be bringing it to our hometown of San Francisco. We were lucky enough to meet tons of amazing moms and moms-to-be (and even a few dads)!  Our friends at Fit Pregnancy are always on hand and this year we partnered with them to give away an incredible prize package. Here’s a peak at this years amazing baby shower!
Bellaband big city moms
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