Model Mom: Amanda Booth

amanda booth pregnant
We get asked a lot, “Is your model really pregnant?” The answer is always “yes.”
Most recently we’ve had the pleasure of working with first-time mom, Amanda Booth. Her incredible work ethic and warm personality made it easy to fall in love. (She even insisted on driving our team to the airport since we happened to be on the same flight.)
Amanda answered some questions about her pregnancy and new motherhood. 
Hometown: I was born an army brat in Watertown, NY but moved a bunch. I spent most of my childhood in Pennsylvania as that’s where my grandparents lived, and that tended to be our home base. 
Where did you meet (husband) Mike: Mike and I met through my roommate at the time! She got hired by him to be a women’s designer at a brand that he was the creative director of. After a year of going to the social events of the brand he stole my number from her phone while she was in the bathroom! The rest is history… :) 
Pre-baby responsibilities:  We have two pugs. Jack is fawn, he’s six. Petey is black, and he’s 9. We also have a fish named Dos Sushi. Sushi number one passed away after three years so we have named him after his fallen brother. 
Modeling while pregnant, what’s it like: Modeling pregnant was a dream! Eating extra breakfast to make the bump bigger…what a delight! It did have its challenges at first, having to push out instead of suck in. Didn’t take long to get use to that though.
Biggest pregnancy craving: Anything with vinegar actually. I have always loved sweets, so that stayed the same. I couldn’t get enough salt and vinegar chips, or fried fish with vinegar, pickles…
What did you miss most while pregnant: I missed surfing the most! I could have gone out there, technically, and just paddled on my knees. I suffered a head injury two months before I became pregnant, so I know the risk of surfing out in the populated California waters – that just wasn’t worth it to me. Looking forward to getting back out there! 
Maternity must-haves: Luckily now a days you can find some cool looking sweats that are 100% acceptable to wear in public! So, I highly recommend a pair of those! A huge, fluffy pregnancy pillow. Magnesium supplement for crampy and restless legs, and a good lotion for the itchy stretchy skin on the tummy! 
Favorite part of motherhood: So far I have to say that my favorite part has been breastfeeding. We’re still new at it, so it gets pretty exhausting being on demand like that. But, the second I look down at his little jaw moving about, knowing Im providing him with life…it’s just incredible! 
Nursery vibe: We have a surf board, and skate boards strewn about with a simple crib. Thats it so far… less is more! We’re waiting to see which route his own personality goes, then maybe we’ll paint it. 
Nursing…breezy or challenging: Nursing was really hard in the beginning. We were planning an at home birth, but our baby ended up being growth restricted so we had to rush to the hospital to be induced. Since he was born at a low birth weight, I put a lot of stress on myself to get my milk to come in, establish a good latch, and get his weight going straight away. He was also in the NICU so we had a group of people staring at us, while he was attached to quite a few wires. It was really stressful… But my milk came in after about 12 hours, super fast! He did well with the latch and its an on going adjustment. I came up with a lactation song that I sing to him, I swear it works! “Open your mouth, big and round, let the milk go down, to your belly.” 
How did you pick a name: I was looking at names one day and came across it as a variation of my husbands name, Michael. When I looked at the name meaning (Micah was a prophet who protected the poor) I liked that connotation for his hopeful personality. 
Ready to get back to work, or planning on laying low for a while: I wish I could lay low with him forever!!! I got auditions sent to me six days after his birth. So, I imagine Ill have to get back at it a bit before I hoped. Its lovely however, that I am freelance. So, even when Im “back” its not a 5 day a week gig. So, we will have more time than most. 

The Seamless Maternity Favorites

maternity seamless bestsellers
From the moment her belly pops to the early morning feedings, mom loves the super smoothing powers and 360 degree stretch of seamless technology.
Here are her seamless maternity favorites, starting with our all-time bestseller…
bestsellers bellaband
Slip it on, adjust over your unbuttoned pants, and get back to your day. 
Maternity Leggings Bestsellers
Start the layering process here by smoothing out your new curves in super soft fashion.  
Maternity Tank Bestsellers
Ruching in all the right places flatters a growing bump and after baby curves. 
nursing bra bestsellers
The support you’ll need paired with super-stretch to adjust to your changing shape.



The Nursing Nest Sweepstakes


serena and lily
We’re excited to partner with our friends at Serena & Lily to give one lucky mom the ultimate nursing nest! Through next Monday you can enter-to-win these nest essentials on our Facebook page
serena and lily
From Ingrid & Isabel:
Seamless Nursing Collection
Lounge Set
Cozy Wrap
From Serena & Lily:
Bashful Donkey Stuffie
Safari Blanket
Sausalito Moses Basket

FAQ: What’s a Bellaband?

It’s a question we hear a lot.
Bellaband is a seamless, stretchy tube worn around your waist, designed to hold up unbuttoned pants…and no one has to know. Bellaband allows you to keep wearing your pre-pregnancy pants longer, so don’t put aside your favorite pair of jeans just because your belly has popped! 
Here’s how to make the most of Bellaband throughout your entire pregnancy and then again after baby arrives:
1. Just Pregnant: Bellaband is perfect for easing out of pre-pregnancy pants. Wear it over unbuttoned jeans – no one can tell! Its no-slip silicone strip will keep it in place all day long, so no uncomfortable slipping and sliding. 
2. Really Pregnant: You can wear Bellaband folded over to cover undone pants, or pull it up over your belly to support a growing bump. Either way, you’ll keep your belly comfortable. 
bellaband up
3. After Baby: Bellaband makes the transition back to pre-pregnancy pants easy: use it with snug jeans or loose maternity pants as you get back to your pre-pregnancy shape. 
Want to learn more and see the Bellaband in action? Watch this how-to video, narrated by our fearless leader, Ingrid.

Store Spotlight: Mom’s the Word

c.launch exterior
Congratulations to Mom’s the Word! One of our San Francisco neighbors, Mom’s the Word has opened a new maternity store in Los Angeles on 3rd Street. We’ve loved their San Francisco location for years, and now we’re thrilled that they’re expanding to Southern California. Their grand opening was on July 10th and we’re excited to share some photos of the event here.
A peek at the grand opening celebration:
We love the store’s clean, fresh look. And, of course, their clothing selection is spot on! In addition to Ingrid and Isabel, Mom’s the Word carries some of our favorite brands like Michael Stars, Splendid, Citizens of Humanity, in maternity and non-maternity styles. Can you spot the Bellaband?
If you live near LA, swing by 3rd street and check out the new shop! Can’t visit a Mom’s the Word store? Easy – visit their website to browse online and learn more about their 3 locations in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and now Los Angeles. 
c.launch biz cards

For The 4th

It’s that time of year: break out the flags, the barbecue, and the s’mores. We’re ready for the 4th of July! Of course, we start with an easy maxi dress that will be comfortable all day long. With so many adventures in store, we know we’ll need to bring along these essentials.
1. Ray Ban shades, a summer classic.
2. Wide-brim summer straw hat (collapsable too!)
3. This homemade strawberry icicle recipe
4. Beach blanket: for the beach or the backyard
5. An American flag scarf, to use when the sun goes down and the fireworks go up
6. And finally, a wonderful bag to stow it all

Behind The Scenes: Fall 2014 Preview


Last week we had a photo shoot in our LA studio with new items for fall! We can’t show you all of the new looks just yet, but you can take a peek behind the scenes here:
Makeup artist Caroline (check out her awesome hair!) gives our model Amanda a cat eye for a nighttime look.
Behind the scenes
 Lights, camera, action!
Hair and makeup touch ups. 
Ingrid gets in on the set-painting action!

Take Me There // Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor
 Where: Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, ME
What: The quaint village of Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, which is also home to Maine’s only national park.
Who: Moms-to-be looking for a getaway to relax, go on a hiking adventure, or just take in beautiful scenery.
Stay Here: The West Street Hotel is in the middle of Bar Harbor and is directly across from the water, meaning there are fantastic views from rooms and their rooftop pool. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are many camping and backpacking programs in Acadia park.
Do This: Take a spa day and sunbathe by the pool, or pack a picnic lunch and visit Acadia’s sandy beaches, lighthouses, mountains, and rivers by foot or boat. At the end of the day, make sure to grab some of Maine’s famous lobster (just make sure it’s fully cooked).
Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park

Babymoon Ready

Pleated Dress
For easy vacation-chic, look no further than the Pleated Tank Dress. Our friend Lisa takes the Pleated Tank from the urban streets of her home in Hong Kong to the beaches of Mexico. She snapped this adorable photo while on vacation in Cabo with her husband, daughter, and budding bump. Expecting baby number two, Lisa instantly makes the Pleated Tank dinner-ready with black wedges and a gorgeous bag. So easy, so cool. 
 Shop the Pleated Tank Dress for your summer vacation >> 

Behind the Scenes Fall 2014

ingrid amanda booth
Though many were searching for the perfect summer sandal last week, we were pulling out our favorite boots and scarves for our Fall 2014 photo shoot. Take a look behind the scenes with model mom-to-be Amanda Booth and photographer Luke Wooden.
caroline amanda booth
Make up and hair artist Caroline always surprises us with her latest hair color. This go ’round was a shock of bright orange – we wished we could pull it off ourselves!
Every girl’s dream, right?
luke wooden
Photographer Luke and his little brother Derek, totally in awe of Chrissy and Emily’s work ethic. 
flowers Gorgeous flowers arranged by Ingrid herself. She’s a Jack of all trades! 

Honor Moms by Saving Moms

rescue gifts
This Mother’s Day you can honor the moms in your life by sending a gift that supports women in crisis. Your donation provides lifesaving care and supplies to expecting women in dangerous locations. As part of our partnership with the International Rescue Committee we’re matching all Rescue Gift purchases up to $30,000.
Here’s more about what your Rescue Gift provides:
irc mothers day 

Jenna Fischer in the Floral Print Maxi

jenna fischer
Color us flattered! Second time mom-to-be Jenna Fischer attended the launch of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new line for A Pea in the Pod in an Ingrid & Isabel Floral Print Maxi. She wore the dress belted over her budding bump and paired it with a navy blazer – she couldn’t have looked more beautiful! Catch Jenna on the web pages of People, Refinery 29, and JustJared

Inspired by Blue

spring dresses blue
This season we were inspired by blues. We wanted something cool, tranquil and, of course, beautiful. We landed on the calming shade of Sapphire to accompany our bestselling Convertible Maxi Dress and new favorite, the Empire Hi Lo Dress. What’s more, is that blue is a color almost anyone can wear, during pregnancy and after.
Take a peek at our blue inspiration board on Pinterest for more looks at Spring’s coolest color. 

Get the Looks // The Empire Tank Dress

get the looks
Whether you’re running errands or brunching with the girls, the Empire Tank Dress is your go-to for spring activities.
01 Marc by Marc Jacobs Wayfarer Sunglasses  02 Cuyana Leather Tote  03 Zara Wraparound Cardigan  04 Superga Classic Sneakers
Out to Play
01 House of Harlow 1960 Necklace  02 Marie Turnor Clutch  03 Butter London Nail Laquer in ‘Snog’  04 Loeffler Randall Sawyer Sandals

Catwalk to Cradle

We’re so excited to be a part of Bebe Au Lait’s Catwalk to Cradle Giveaway. The weeklong giveaway will feature the Ingrid & Isabel Empire Tank Dress along with prizes from a few of our favorite post-pregnancy brands to help you welcome baby with style. 
Starting March 28th you can enter to win:
1. Ingrid & Isabel Empire Tank Dress
2. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Essentials and Swaddles
3. Tea Collection Layette Gift Set 
4. Pediped Gift Card – $70
5. Carousel Designs Gift Card – $50
Click here for your chance to enter-to-win! 



The Balanced Belly // Part 2

In January we brought you a series of yoga poses that you could practice at home to help you prepare for baby while getting a few moments of zen. Here are a few more poses, with instruction from yoga teacher Carolina Goldberg to help you continue your practice. 
Bharadvajasana – Sage Pose
sage pose
Sage pose is a seated twist. One of a few twists that are beneficial and safe for pregnancy. As you sit on a bolster or blanket, the hips are grounded and the twist will help relieve a tired upper back (the upper thorasic spine). Twists help free-up any stagnant prana—energy therefore serves to stimulate both through the spine and the inner organs. Remember to stretch up for length in the spine before any rotation or twisting.
Suhkasana with hands on Baby Belly
hands on belly 
In all poses in yoga we talk about Sthira Suhka, which translates to steadiness and comfort. The postures we practice should be held with a steady and calm mind, Sthira. The postures are called “seat”, meaning you should be able to sit in the postures—be in the postures. Suhkasana, a comfortable cross-legged position, is a basic pose that you can sit in for a while. Juliana is seated on a bolster so that she can relax her inner thighs and pelvis. If the knees are higher than the hips there will be holding and strain, not Sukha.
With her hands on belly she breaths into her belly. Full, deep and easy breaths increase the flow of oxygen to the uterus, supporting both mom and baby.
Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle Pose
bound angle
Bound Angle Pose is a seated hip opener that feels good for the hips and back. This pose is great to take a break in. Relax, release and accept. The biggest benefit from prenatal yoga is to be able to relax. When you are relaxed and at ease you are better able to cope with stressors that arise.
Stay tuned for the final installment of The Balanced Belly. 

Take Me There // Hilton Head Island

hilton head
Where: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
What: A South Carolina gem, rich with history and bursting with outdoor activities and spas.
Who: The mom-to-be who embraces the slow life, or the one who needs to.
Stay here: The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, situated on the waterfront and beneath a beautiful forrest of moss-covered oak trees, is dripping with Southern charms and hospitality at every turn.
Do this: There’s no shortage of activities on Hilton Head Island. Take a guided tour of a historical site or nature preserve or walk along the beach for a chance to spot bottlenose dolphins. Of course, there’s no shame in making it a completely indulgent babymoon; enjoy the ‘Pea in the Pod’ massage at Heavenly Spa and grab dinner at Topside Waterfront Restaurant.
palmetto blufflighthouse

A Look We Love

cara loren
One of our favorite bloggers, Cara Loren, is a second time mom-to-be and we can’t wait to see her daily outfits. She always strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort – just what every expectant mom is looking for, right?  Here she’s paired our Belly Leggings with a graphic sweater and fringe bag for a pulled together casual look. We love it!  

She’s First: Empowering Women

shes first
As proud supporters of the International Rescue Committee, we’re pleased to shed light upon their women’s empowerment initiatives. 
She’s First recognizes that in times of crisis women are the first to be harmed and also the first to unite their families. 
The Vision Not Victim program recently launched in the Congo and encouraged young women to envision their potential. Each girl directed a photo shoot featuring herself after having achieved her goal. Through community support these young women were able to see themselves as future photographers, architects, and doctors. 
The IRC is committed to providing tools and resources to help women and girls protect themselves from violence and empower themselves. 
To learn more about Ingrid & Isabel’s partnership with the IRC (Support the Belly), please click here
Support the Belly

Heart Healthy Moms

Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) kicked off their 2014 campaign with the Heart Healthy Moms event where they offered body image seminars and yoga classes. Two moms-to-be wore Ingrid & Isabel Active Pants while they took in yoga at the Santa Monica event.
Here’s what they had to say about their Active Pant experiences:
active moms
 Rachael, 4 1/2 months with her second
The Ingrid and Isabel Active Pants are great!  At 4 1/2 months, I’m just growing out of my normal workout gear, and these pants are much more comfortable than squeezing into non maternity pants. I love the thickness of the material – it hides lumps and bumps and makes the pants quite flattering. I also love the design of the back – the v-type shape is more forgiving when exercising than regular straight across panels. The pants are great for working out and are comfortable and modest enough that I can wear them to run errands and play with my 4-year old daughter, too!
Shannon, 7 months with her first
Being pregnant it is difficult trying to find clothes that fit comfortably, let alone trying to find a pair of active pants that fit comfortably. Well, Ingrid and Isabel have turned me into a believer that there is an active pant that can keep you “held together” as well as fit comfortably. I love the crossover panel waist line that allows the pant to grow with you and that is not constricting. I also love the thickness of the material making me feel super secure and held together. I would definitely recommend Ingrid and Isabel to anyone who is in the market for an active pregnancy pant!
Thanks for participating and keep up the good work mamas! 
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