Ingrid’s Travels: Parisian Eats

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So, I “have to” attend a maternity, baby and kids show each year in Paris, known as Playtime Paris.  With such an opportunity, one can’t just attend the show, and one doesn’t go it alone.  I stayed on for a week and brought three girlfriends, and boy did we have some fun! 
We shopped the fashion, took in the art, the architecture, and gorgeous Parisians.  And then there was the food. Ah, the food.  Meandering the streets can be a test of will power. Between the case displays tempting us with macaroons at Laduree, or the layers of fresh bread from Eric Kayser Boulanger and Fauchon (that will undoubtedly float you into a carb-induced state of euphoria) you must indulge. 
paris bread
But I’d be remiss not to mention the cheese.  Hours can be spent marveling over the presentation alone. 
I was happy to see plenty of pasteurized options for moms-to-be.  Stay away from “le cru” meaning raw, but pasteurized “vache” (cow) and “chevre” (goat) are both OK. 
cheese 2
Now that we have families which include busy children, it’s not often (ever really) that we get to enjoy a luxurious nine-course dinner.  So we indulged one evening at Le Chateaubriand Restaurant.  The presentation on each plate was exquisite as we savored every last bite and every last sip of wine.  What an incredible treat.  And the staff — to be loved. 
paris foodparis dinner
Finally, anyone fortunate enough to visit Paris should take a French cooking class.  We toured the markets, tasted the cheese, prepared the four-course meal, and dined with the chef, Parisian style. 
Cooking Class
 Au revoir!

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