Pregnant in Paris

Pregnant in Paris

There are beautiful people in every nook and cranny of Paris. I know this to be true because as I was strolling down a typical cobblestone street on a drizzly day I noticed the stunning and expecting Laura Fantacci, who was on a photo shoot for the UK’s Red Magazine.  Laura is their fashion editor and I simply adored her classic casual style.  Though she lives in London now and is originally from Florence, she looks perfectly Parisian in her Zara parka, striped button down, and a bright electric blue bag.  And of course, I love the iconic high top Chuck Taylors that complete her effortless look.


Laura has a fantastic style blog called “Wearing it Today” (WIT) where she posts her fabulous daily outfits… She is the perfect mix of London chic and Italian flare.  Baby Fridays feature gorgeous clothing and inspiring nursery ideas too!  Some in our office have been known to read it for hours on end.


Thanks for letting me stop you at work to take your photo, Laura!


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