Sweet Treats

Love is in the air. Why not take some of it and bake it into a few sweet treats for friends and family? We certainly know there’s not always time (or attention span from the little ones) to get the whole family involved, so we’ve found fun and easy recipes that require little of each! 
Spread the love with these delectable Valentine’s treats. 
We’ll admit it. We have a serious weakness when it comes to anything red velvet. Imagine our excitement when it was discovered that we could drink it! Even better, these red velvet milkshakes are so easy to make! Pretty sweet, huh?
Take classic rice crispies from regular to romantic in no time! No one will be able to resist this recipe for Cupid’s Crispies
Finally, Hello Naomi gave us some great inspiration for cookie decorating. Make your favorite cookies and head over to her blog for fabulous frosting ideas. There were so many great ones we weren’t sure which to choose from!
 What are your favorite Valentine’s Day treats?!

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