The Balanced Belly

It’s not always easy to make it to an hour-long yoga class. So, we’ll be bringing class to you! We’ve collaborated with Los Angeles-based yoga instructor Carolina Goldberg on a series of her favorite prenatal poses that you can practice at home to get a few moments of zen while you prepare for baby. Keep checking back for more from Carolina!
A prenatal class will support the pregnant mom in the myriad of mental and emotional changes as well and physical changes. Prenatal Yoga is a holistic preparation for pregnancy that benefits the mother as you strengthen and open the physical body. Further, prenatal yoginis work with meditation, visualization, pranayama that help the mom focus on body, energy, emotions, thoughts and spirit.  Asana and breath are the fundamentals to a prenatal class. The asana described below will benefit the mother to be in many ways during and after baby arrives. 
1. Virabhadrasana 2
prenatal 1
Warrior 2 pose can help strengthen the legs, ease backaches, build stamina and install a sense of confidence for birth and beyond. Relaxin is the pregnancy hormone, which soften and relaxes the connective tissue, cartilage and ligaments that support joints, and the strong ligaments in the uterus. Relaxin makes every joint in the body less stable. Warrior 2 will help strengthen the muscles that support the joints at the hips.
On an energetic level the warrior pose will cultivate the quiet strength you will need to protect “your new-self” and baby from opinions and advice. Build confidence and trust in the journey of being a mother.
2. Virasana with Garudasana Arm Variation:
hero pose
Virasana, Hero Pose, is a great one for pregnancy as it helps with swelling in legs and prevents varicose veins. Reclined Hero Pose over bolsters help with nausea and morning sickness.
Graudasana arms, Eagle arms, helps open up sand strengthen arms and shoulders to prepare the mother for hours of carrying and holding the new baby. It also relieves tension in the trapezious, upper shoulder and neck muscles, that gets stressed from the extra weight of belly and breasts.
3. Temple Pose with Goddess Arms
Preserving the natural curves in the spine the Temple Pose, also known as Horse Stands, strengthens the legs and back muscles to help counter the added weight on front body. Squats increase flexibility in the inner thighs and pelvis prior to labor. Goddess Arm variation will stretch and strengthen the upper-back, shoulders and arms to help prepare mom.

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