Your Heart Beats for Two

I’m at my first ultrasound. I’m nervous, excited, anxious, and trying to be calm on the outside. My husband is with me. You know, physically there, but this is all about me and my harboring an entity in my body, like a cat harbors a kitten or Sigourney Weaver when she harbors an alien. We’re here to confirm I’m pregnant and it’s a baby, right?

Once summoned, I happily share my urine, my weight and adorn a paper skirt upon a nurse’s request until the Dr. “I deliver babies” enters the room. Cold, wet jelly on a wand, a little TV screen, we are ready. Then I experience the longest moment of my life. Watching. Waiting. Wondering. The gentle prodding around my low belly, searching and listening for a sign…any sign.

And then it’s found. The sweetest sound that human ears can hear: a baby’s heartbeat. A quick, determined lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub, and it’s confirmed. I’m pregnant. It’s human. And, my own heart explodes as I see it beats for two.

This was years ago when I was pregnant with Isabel, but I remember like it was yesterday. Heartbeats abound, pregnancy gives you all the more reason to stay active and healthy.  Along with the popular reasons we’re given to stay active throughout our lives, I’ve read that being active during pregnancy can help with an easier and possibly shorter labor, and might even encourage extra water intake when your thirst increases during workouts.

So, here’s what we recommend. Speak with your OBGYN about the best workout program for you, increase your calorie intake (fun), drink plenty water (start with a full glass as soon as you wake up), and move your body. Walk, run, do some yoga, Pilates, or Barre. Mix your lunges with your weights, or try a Soul Cycle class at your own pace. Grab a friend or three for a neighborhood stroll, or try walking to work, to lunch, to shop, or just walk to talk. Simply lace up your shoes and start moving!

After all, your heart beats for two, and #2 is depending on you.

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Guest Blogger: Love Fest Journey

Love Fest Journey


Our beautiful friend Valentina of Love Fest Journey writes a thoughtful blog about her pregnancy experiences that is honest, emotional and full of hope. As she nears the end of her pregnancy, Valentina reflects and savors the experience.


When I first found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait for the weeks to start passing by. Three weeks to twelve weeks felt like an eternity. A week didn’t go by when I would actively scratch out a date and excitedly look to see that I was one week further along. There is something to say for that initial excitement, that initial anticipation. Each day creeps by and you’re desperately looking for a visual change – a tiny shift in your body that allows you to see the teeniest of bumps starting to show.

At 36 weeks the same feelings started to return for me. Days passing slowly, week milestones feeling like they were month long stretches. Except this time it isn’t to reach a new number, it is to meet the human that I’ve been growing for 9, now almost 10 months. It’s unbelievable to me how much your body changes and grows over the course of this experience. Not only from month to month but especially in these last few weeks. It seems as though every day brings a new physical and mental change.

Instead of wishing these days to fly by like I did at the beginning though, I’m embracing something new. A slower pace of life, noticing the little things and embracing all of the things I can do right now. Not because I’m afraid of what I’ll lose when the baby arrives, but so that I can really slow my own self down. So that I can really breathe and relish in the fact that I actually did this. That because of my efforts, a new tiny person will be entering the world any day now.

It’s so easy to wish for what we don’t have, to wish for things to move faster, to want to move from here to there at lightening speed. It’s rare to recognize in our own minds that sometimes doing things the slow way, the old school way, is actually more nourishing for ourselves than anything else. Sometimes taking the time to walk the long route, to pick up the phone in stead of texting someone, to sit down and eat a meal slowly with friends, is the best way to send a message to your body that you are present and that you are fully aware of all that you’re feeling and thinking. That, in and of itself, is what will nourish us and allow us to get through these moments of wild change and mysterious unknowns.

From what I’ve heard that is what is coming my way. Change. A lot of it. So, instead of pushing my body and mind to rush towards it, I am happily waiting for my body to tell me when it’s ready, for the baby to send it’s own subtle messages telling us that it’s time. For once, I’m allowing nature to take it’s course and I am trying my best to embrace everything that goes with that.

We encourage you to read more from Valentina over at Love Fest Journey.