Keys to Keeping it Down

Nutrition in the early stages of your pregnancy is vital to the health of your developing baby and yourself.  So, we’ve put together four keys to a healthy first trimester. 
Be sure to increase your folic acid intake as it is crucial in reducing the risk for neural tube defects. 
Try: spinach, beets, asparagus, avocados, and peanuts
Remember when your mother used to tell you to drink your milk if you wanted strong bones? She was right. Make sure to get enough calcium for yourself and your little one.
Try: milk, salmon (cooked of course), yogurt, orange juice
Protein is also an important nutrient during early development. 
Try: peanut butter, eggs (however you please, except raw), meat, or a banana almond smoothie
It’s often tough to keep anything down during the first trimester so we found some options that can be easier on your stomach. 
Try: grapes, ginger, crackers, bagels, sorbet