Rothko Red

Rothko Red

I had the absolute pleasure of seeing a Rothko painting in red at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, and it was breathtaking. I found his art to portray red as intense yet serene, florescent yet subdued, deep and yet touchable, like suede and like glass all at the same time. I had such a personal reaction that my feelings for red changed forever.


So, I had to make it personal. Rothko inspired me to look at…well…me. Can I wear red the way Rothko paints red? And the answer is YES!


After an investment of time at Sephora, I learned that red isn’t just for the few, the gutsy and the French. It can work on anyone. We just have to find the “right” red. My reds? Clinique’s Quickliner in 12 Deep Red and Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Vesuvio, described as a full bodied red on Sephora’s website.


Find your Rothko Red! it’s so fun once you do.


Happy Valentines Day.