Pregnant in Paris

Pregant In Paris

Photography by Jennifer Skinner

While visiting Paris for a Maternity, Baby and Kids fashion show this summer, I couldn’t help but notice pregnant women in Paris. Of course, I notice pregnant women everywhere I go, but summertime in Paris brings everyone outside enjoying the city. Here are three of the many I found delightfully pretty while pregnant in Paris. Perhaps it was their carefree walk, their fashion simplicity, the smiles on their faces, as if pregnancy were not a burden or in the way of their day. I suppose the term is a certain “Je ne sais quoi” which really only translates to “I don’t know what.” But I think I do know what… their fashions were easy, feminine and beautifully simple. And they were happy, as their pregnant selves… in Paris.


Thank you, Kossiwa, Alessia and Eleanor for allowing me to stop you from your day and photograph your lovely selves.



Ingrid Carney