So Many Ways to Wear: The Cozy Wrap

Just in time for spring, the Cozy Wrap is making it’s debut as the most versatile third piece you will own! We’ve been wearing this favorite around the office for a while now and on any given day at least one person is wearing the Cozy Wrap in their own unique way. That’s what makes this piece so special. Wear it straight down, wrapped around your body to warm up, or even as a nursing cover. And it perfectly transitions as a staple into your post-pregnancy wardrobe.
You’re sure to look chic however and whenever you choose to wear the Cozy Wrap.
How will you wear it?

End of Season Round Up



The holidays are far behind us and it’s time to look ahead to spring! Now’s the time to take advantage of fabulous prices on styles that will soon be gone. Here’s a look at some of our favorite pieces!

1. Original Lace Bellaband – $10

2. Silk Tie Blouse – $50

3. Drape Dress – $20

4. Belted Wool Cape – $95


Pregnant in Texas


Pregant In Paris

Photography by Ingrid Carney

During a summer visit to Corpus Christi, Texas where my family lives, we ventured out to a great lunchtime spot called Hesters Café & Coffee Bar. I loved the atmosphere, which was as cheery and eclectic as its teal front door. It used to be an industrial shop of sorts that was converted to a store with unique gifts, jewelry, home accessories and tons of other miscellaneous finds.  So, when I saw this mom-to-be, I thought it no surprise.  She wears a casual flare jean, cami, and flip flops with a color-blocking tank (very “in” right now). But what I love is that she tied what looked like a simple strand of twine around her high waist for something a little different. Something a little unexpected. And it worked. It worked much better than had she just left it alone. Doesn’t she look great? And happy as her pregnant self…in Texas.


Thanks, Catherine, for letting me interrupt your meal for a quick photo outside.



Ingrid Carney




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