Model Mom: Amanda Booth

amanda booth pregnant
We get asked a lot, “Is your model really pregnant?” The answer is always “yes.”
Most recently we’ve had the pleasure of working with first-time mom, Amanda Booth. Her incredible work ethic and warm personality made it easy to fall in love. (She even insisted on driving our team to the airport since we happened to be on the same flight.)
Amanda answered some questions about her pregnancy and new motherhood. 
Hometown: I was born an army brat in Watertown, NY but moved a bunch. I spent most of my childhood in Pennsylvania as that’s where my grandparents lived, and that tended to be our home base. 
Where did you meet (husband) Mike: Mike and I met through my roommate at the time! She got hired by him to be a women’s designer at a brand that he was the creative director of. After a year of going to the social events of the brand he stole my number from her phone while she was in the bathroom! The rest is history… :) 
Pre-baby responsibilities:  We have two pugs. Jack is fawn, he’s six. Petey is black, and he’s 9. We also have a fish named Dos Sushi. Sushi number one passed away after three years so we have named him after his fallen brother. 
Modeling while pregnant, what’s it like: Modeling pregnant was a dream! Eating extra breakfast to make the bump bigger…what a delight! It did have its challenges at first, having to push out instead of suck in. Didn’t take long to get use to that though.
Biggest pregnancy craving: Anything with vinegar actually. I have always loved sweets, so that stayed the same. I couldn’t get enough salt and vinegar chips, or fried fish with vinegar, pickles…
What did you miss most while pregnant: I missed surfing the most! I could have gone out there, technically, and just paddled on my knees. I suffered a head injury two months before I became pregnant, so I know the risk of surfing out in the populated California waters – that just wasn’t worth it to me. Looking forward to getting back out there! 
Maternity must-haves: Luckily now a days you can find some cool looking sweats that are 100% acceptable to wear in public! So, I highly recommend a pair of those! A huge, fluffy pregnancy pillow. Magnesium supplement for crampy and restless legs, and a good lotion for the itchy stretchy skin on the tummy! 
Favorite part of motherhood: So far I have to say that my favorite part has been breastfeeding. We’re still new at it, so it gets pretty exhausting being on demand like that. But, the second I look down at his little jaw moving about, knowing Im providing him with life…it’s just incredible! 
Nursery vibe: We have a surf board, and skate boards strewn about with a simple crib. Thats it so far… less is more! We’re waiting to see which route his own personality goes, then maybe we’ll paint it. 
Nursing…breezy or challenging: Nursing was really hard in the beginning. We were planning an at home birth, but our baby ended up being growth restricted so we had to rush to the hospital to be induced. Since he was born at a low birth weight, I put a lot of stress on myself to get my milk to come in, establish a good latch, and get his weight going straight away. He was also in the NICU so we had a group of people staring at us, while he was attached to quite a few wires. It was really stressful… But my milk came in after about 12 hours, super fast! He did well with the latch and its an on going adjustment. I came up with a lactation song that I sing to him, I swear it works! “Open your mouth, big and round, let the milk go down, to your belly.” 
How did you pick a name: I was looking at names one day and came across it as a variation of my husbands name, Michael. When I looked at the name meaning (Micah was a prophet who protected the poor) I liked that connotation for his hopeful personality. 
Ready to get back to work, or planning on laying low for a while: I wish I could lay low with him forever!!! I got auditions sent to me six days after his birth. So, I imagine Ill have to get back at it a bit before I hoped. Its lovely however, that I am freelance. So, even when Im “back” its not a 5 day a week gig. So, we will have more time than most. 

Behind The Scenes: Fall 2014 Preview

Last week we had a photo shoot in our LA studio with new items for fall! We can’t show you all of the new looks just yet, but you can take a peek behind the scenes here:
Makeup artist Caroline (check out her awesome hair!) gives our model Amanda a cat eye for a nighttime look.
Behind the scenes
 Lights, camera, action!
Hair and makeup touch ups. 
Ingrid gets in on the set-painting action!

Behind the Scenes Fall 2014

ingrid amanda booth
Though many were searching for the perfect summer sandal last week, we were pulling out our favorite boots and scarves for our Fall 2014 photo shoot. Take a look behind the scenes with model mom-to-be Amanda Booth and photographer Luke Wooden.
caroline amanda booth
Make up and hair artist Caroline always surprises us with her latest hair color. This go ’round was a shock of bright orange – we wished we could pull it off ourselves!
Every girl’s dream, right?
luke wooden
Photographer Luke and his little brother Derek, totally in awe of Chrissy and Emily’s work ethic. 
flowers Gorgeous flowers arranged by Ingrid herself. She’s a Jack of all trades!