FAQ: What’s a Bellaband?

It’s a question we hear a lot.
Bellaband is a seamless, stretchy tube worn around your waist, designed to hold up unbuttoned pants…and no one has to know. Bellaband allows you to keep wearing your pre-pregnancy pants longer, so don’t put aside your favorite pair of jeans just because your belly has popped! 
Here’s how to make the most of Bellaband throughout your entire pregnancy and then again after baby arrives:
1. Just Pregnant: Bellaband is perfect for easing out of pre-pregnancy pants. Wear it over unbuttoned jeans – no one can tell! Its no-slip silicone strip will keep it in place all day long, so no uncomfortable slipping and sliding. 
2. Really Pregnant: You can wear Bellaband folded over to cover undone pants, or pull it up over your belly to support a growing bump. Either way, you’ll keep your belly comfortable. 
bellaband up
3. After Baby: Bellaband makes the transition back to pre-pregnancy pants easy: use it with snug jeans or loose maternity pants as you get back to your pre-pregnancy shape. 
Want to learn more and see the Bellaband in action? Watch this how-to video, narrated by our fearless leader, Ingrid.