So Many Ways to Wear: The Cozy Wrap

Just in time for spring, the Cozy Wrap is making it’s debut as the most versatile third piece you will own! We’ve been wearing this favorite around the office for a while now and on any given day at least one person is wearing the Cozy Wrap in their own unique way. That’s what makes this piece so special. Wear it straight down, wrapped around your body to warm up, or even as a nursing cover. And it perfectly transitions as a staple into your post-pregnancy wardrobe.
You’re sure to look chic however and whenever you choose to wear the Cozy Wrap.
How will you wear it?

1, 2, 3 Guide to Wearing the Bellaband

There is a universal pregnancy moment we share.  It’s when your belly pops and your favorite pants no longer button. This moment, for me, inspired the birth of Bellaband, followed by the birth of Isabel, now 11, and then the birth of my company, Ingrid & Isabel.
The Bellaband helps your favorite denim grow with your belly. It helps you transition into your maternity, and finally, out of your maternity after birth. The Bellaband really is the most versatile maternity accessory you will use.
So, here’s a simple “1, 2, 3″ guide to help you get the absolute most out of your Bellaband. 
1. UNBUTTONED.  Your belly has popped!  You can’t button your pants, right?  Let the Bellaband hold up unbuttoned pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, skirts and shorts in early pregnancy.  Fold for extra coverage, unfold for belly comfort. Super smooth. Instant hold. Comfortable. Featuring a new stay-put silicone strip for extra hold at the hip.
falling down
2. FALLING DOWN?  Bellaband holds your pants up when an ever-growing belly pushes down your maternity wear in mid to late pregnancy. The difference between your full belly and back is the greatest it’s been. So, your belly tends to force your pants downward, while your bum tries to hold them up. When your pants need extra hold, add the Bellaband, usually in a single layer is most comfortable at this stage.
back to you
3. BACK TO YOU.  Get back into your favorite jeans faster.  Bellaband will hold up maternity that begins to feel big as you become small. And, when you’re ready and trying your favorite pre-pregnancy bottoms, the Bellaband once again holds up unbuttoned pants…even after baby arrives.
Now, fold it and save it for your next pregnancy or save it for your friend!
I’m always happy to hear from Bellaband users! E-mail me your questions or experiences