Still A Chill / Cozy Wrap And More

The polar vortex is over, but there’s still a chill in the air. Never fear – we’ve got you covered as we inch towards happier climes. 
A quintessential buy now, wear forever piece, the Cozy Wrap works with any bump size and continues to deliver warmth and style long after you deliver. Wear it around the house, to the park, or on a plane (like Gwen). Wrap yourself up or simply drape over your shoulders. Anyway or anywhere you choose, the Cozy Wrap is a must-have.
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cold weather
[01] Ingrid & Isabel Opaque Tights are the perfect way to keep your short dresses in the rotation during colder months.
[02] Sure, you’ve got long sleeve tees in your wardrobe. But, your belly is quickly growing. We’ve cut our Long Sleeve Scoop Tee extra long to accommodate your changing body. Even better, it might be the softest tee you’ve ever owned.
[03] Your pre-pregnancy leggings will start to dig as your belly grows. Check off comfort and warmth by going with Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Belly Leggings.