She’s First: Empowering Women

shes first
As proud supporters of the International Rescue Committee, we’re pleased to shed light upon their women’s empowerment initiatives. 
She’s First recognizes that in times of crisis women are the first to be harmed and also the first to unite their families. 
The Vision Not Victim program recently launched in the Congo and encouraged young women to envision their potential. Each girl directed a photo shoot featuring herself after having achieved her goal. Through community support these young women were able to see themselves as future photographers, architects, and doctors. 
The IRC is committed to providing tools and resources to help women and girls protect themselves from violence and empower themselves. 
To learn more about Ingrid & Isabel’s partnership with the IRC (Support the Belly), please click here
Support the Belly

Relief for the Philippines

Here at Ingrid & Isabel, we are proud supporters of the International Rescue Committee for their ongoing efforts in helping women and mothers in the midst of humanitarian crises. The IRC understands that helping a mother directly helps to stabilize her family in times of emergency. 
We continue to stand with the IRC as they focus their efforts on the ground in the Philippines in the wake of devastating Typhoon Haiyan. 

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